Bill Ziering

William Ziering


Bill was born January 22, 1930 in New York City and grew up in four of the city’s five boroughs. Bill enjoyed playing every game on offer, though he reports excelling in none. Bill graduated from Michigan State University, then obtained a Master’s degree at the University of Michigan and followed that with medical school at Northwestern. He interned in Brooklyn, then went to live in Chicago during a residency at Northwestern’s Children’s Memorial Hospital. He served in Marine Corps for a few years before returning to Chicago for further medical training. Many posts later in various California cities, he settled down in the Central Valley. Bill incorporated wellness principles into his respiratory medical practice. He believes that he was graced with health and longevity and plans to keep showing up, saying on numerous occasions that if you live wisely, don’t quit and face life’s trials head on as best you can, then you, too, may someday be on a podium, in your division, perhaps having outlived the rest.