Stand Tall, Chin Up, Keep Your Shoulders Back

Good posture in later life is no longer automatic or effortless–remind yourself to check whether you are standing erect and, if not, snap to attention. You want to appear impressive and staunch, not subdued and irresolute. With good posture, you’ll feel stronger and look younger.

Winston Allen offers some invaluable advice on this tip:

As we age, we unconsciously start bending over when we walk, fail to pick our feet up and begin shuffling. This leads to falls, especially when encountering throw rugs, bath mats or uneven sidewalks and the like. So, walk straight and lift your feet – put some extra effort into it. No shuffling. I’ve noticed that walking erect automatically enables a higher stride level.

If you have occasional lower back pain upon arising each morning, consider a daily ritual that Don finds the next-best thing to a quick fix. Lie down on your back on a hard surface, such as wood flooring. Gently, as mild pain permits, allow your spine to relax with full contact against the hard surface. If this is initially uncomfortable or even painful, know that this is a sure-sign that you need this exercise. Relax as much as possible for about a minute. After just a few seconds, there should no longer be pain–just relief. Draw one leg at a time to your chest, then both legs at one time. Turn your legs to one side, then the other.

That’s it. When you rise (gently and slowly), your back should feel much better. If not, then this exercise is not for you. Don says he can’t function without it.

Our lawyers want us to cover our butts by adding a word of caution and language to protect ourselves against ambulance chasers or anyone looking to exploit the legal system, though we believe that while such legal counsel is probably necessary, it’s too bad it has come to this. But, here goes:

Before you do the above described simple relaxation stretch or anything else described in this book that you would not do absent reading about it here, know that life is hazardous and everything you do, whether we recommend it or not, is risky. Proceed with your life at your own discretion. We are NOT responsible for your exercise or lack thereof. We offer our best advice, which we think is fantastic, but we offer no guarantees if you choose to follow it.